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Procedure NameThe Fumigation Certificate



Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Agriculture
Address: Malkerns Research Station,


Phone: (+268) 2527 4075/71/95


Legal base of the Procedure

Plant Health Protection Act, 2013


 Free of charge


Required Documents


Type of information



Import Permit from destination country

Other documents necessary for the appplication which may include an invoice. 

2 Phytosanitary certificate


Process Steps

Step 1

The applicant applies for a fumigation certificate or chemical certificate to a private service provider who is registered with the NPPO and given a unique identification number/code.

Step 2

The FC/CC issued are then sent to the NPPO during the application for phytosanitary certificate as an additional attachment to the destination country import permit. For example, a South African import permit. 

Step 3

The NPPO, then put an official stamp on the FC/CC and return it to the applicant together with the phytosanitary certificate and additional declarations in some cases.

Step 4

If approved, the applicant receives the certificate and may proceed with the exporting of the plants/plant products in accordance to customs formalities. It is important to note the kinds of plant products that may require a fumigation certificate are not limited to wooden handicraft, but cut across a wide range of forest products (eg poles/ planks) and grain crops like maize, beans, hominy chop, wheat and etc. 

Step 5 

A copy of the certificate and related information are filed for record keeping.




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This procedure applies to the following measures
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The Fumigation CertificateExternalDepartment of Agricultural Research and Specialist ServicesThe fumigation certificate can be a Chemical treatment certificate. These treatments are not limited to wooden handicraft, but cut across a wide range of forest products (eg poles/ planks) and grain crops like maize, beans, hominy chop, wheat and etc.The requirement for a fumigation certificate/ treatment certificate depends on the importing country (controlled goods import conditions). If the import conditions require that the consignment be fumigated, that is when the fumigation certificate is required. The Fumigation Certificate/Chemical Certificate are issued by private service providers who are registered with the NPPO and given unique identification numbers/codes.The Plant Health Protection Act, 2013 09-09-9999Good